Saturday, February 12, 2011

I suck at writing blogs...

So another while has passed since I wrote in here. A lot has happened since then. Jiji is now in school to become a nurse, and I have been blessed with a son named Zachary. He is almost 7 months old already.

I have been thinking alot about what I could do with my life besides staying at home with the kids all day. I would love maybe being a pastry chef. How cool would it be to be able to give the best desserts for a school bake sale? I mean come on!! It all depends on the desserts you bring! Maybe even learning how to make chocolate would be awesome. I havent had much practice making desserts though. We havent had a kitchen since Zach was born so it make cooking anything very difficult. Hopefully next month I could start baking and possibly upload some pictures here. I think I will start gathering cake, muffin and cu
pcake recipes. I'll possibly make a dessert for each holiday or special occasion. Maybe do a type of Julie & Julia style thing but with desserts and not every day. Hmmm... That's definitely something to think about.

So Zachary was born in July. He's been sleeping all night long for almost 5 months now. He's also eating solids and has his 2 front bottom teeth!! He's an angel! Him and Windia are total opposites right now. I mean, He's always sleeping and she barely ever sleeps. So much so that my sleep schedule has been distorted to the point of giving me insomnia. I'm in the process of fixing that though.

This is Zachary at Christmas time. My little Santa!! He's really starting to have quite a bit of hair. It's starting to get beyond the peach fuzz stage!

Alright, that's all I have for now. I will *try* to keep updating this on a regular or semi regular basis.

Until next time.

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Chocolatesa said...

Hehe maybe you can take Carlo's place when (or if?) he leaves his job as a pastry chef to go back to school in September :P Oh, and here's a great blog written by a pastry chef: